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IntroducingShyft Shares

3M Co.
AbbVie Inc.
Accenture Pic.
Adobe Inc.
Apple Inc.
AT & T
Shares or Exchange Traded Funds? We've got both.

Buy shares in your favourite American companies or invest in a bit of everything like the S&P 500 or the Nasdaq-100.

Invest in a broad range of industries.

Choose from stock options in the technology, financial services, healthcare or industrial industries, plus so much more.

Place orders all day, any day.

The stock market operates on U.S. business days, but with Shyft Shares, you can place orders any time.

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Easily Buy, Sell and Manage Shares

With Shyft Shares, managing your investments is a breeze. You can easily track the performance of your portfolio and sell or buy shares when you're ready.

Create a

Scroll through the investment options on the app to see what’s been doing well over the last 30 days, and create a watchlist of shares to keep your eye on.
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Ready to invest?

All you need is your tax number and money in your wallet. Here's how you can top-up your USD wallet.

Know Your Shyft

Do you know if zombie stocks are good or bad? What an angel investor is? How to spot a unicorn? For our first Know Your Shyft series, Mpho Popps Modikoane took to the streets of Mzansi to test South Africans on their financial knowledge.

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